Scientific program

Scientific Program

XIV International Scientific Conference "Problems of Solvation and Complex Formation in Solutions"

The scope of the conference:

  • Structure and dynamics of molecular and ion-molecular systems in solutions, at the phase interface and in conditions of confined geometry
  • Solutions in extreme conditions, supercritical fluids
  • Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents
  • Reagent nature and medium effects on complex formation processes
  • Coordination compounds and supramolecular structures


XI International Scientific Conference "Kinetics and Mechanism of Crystallization. Crystallization and New Generation Materials"

The scope of the conference:

Section I. Fundamentals of crystalline material design

  • Models of crystallization processes. Mechanisms of formation, dissolution and topochemical transformation of crystals
  • Processes of crystallization at supercritical parameters of state
  • Mechanism of crystallization under exposure


Section II. Functional and construction materials of the new generation

  • Methods of synthesis of nanomaterials (colloidal, streamlined organic synthesis, organo-metallic structures, plasma-chemical synthesis)
  • Control of properties of materials in crystallization processes, dimensional properties
  • Materials for electronics, optics and photonics. Crystallization control in designing high purity substances, powdered and ceramic materials
  • Hybrid, multicomponent composites. Polymer films and coatings.
  • Liquid crystals


Section III. Pharmaceutics. Materials for medicine. Biocrystallization

  • Methodology of medical materials design
  • Obtaining of soluble and prolonged action drug compounds based on innovative technologies
  • Polymorphism of drug compounds and pharmaceutical systems. Scientific foundations for drug compound solubility improvement. Problems of drug compound enantiomer separation
  • New systems of active pharmaceutical ingredient delivery
  • Problems of biocrystallization and biosimilar materials


 VI International Scientific Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The scope of the conference:

  • Technology of inorganic substances and materials, including nanomaterials
  • Technology of organic substances, polymers, and composite materials
  • Petrochemistry, catalysis, and chemical processing of alternative raw materials
  • Chemical and metallurgical processes and metallurgical industry materials
  • Radiochemical processes, technology of radioactive substances and materials
  • Chemical engineering and dual-purpose materials
  • Processes and apparatuses of chemical industry; Methods of cybernetics in chemical engineering
  • Analytical control of industry, environmental problems of chemical engineering


The plenary and breakout sessions will include lectures, oral and poster presentations, as well as master-classes of outstanding researchers, round tables and a competition of young scientists' works. 

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