Conference Cluster 2021 will be held at:

40A Bubnova St., Ivanovo, Ivanovo region, "Parus" business centre.


Парус 1       Парус 4

Парус 2       Парус 3

The "Parus" business centre enjoys a perfect location in the historical part of Ivanovo, at the crossroads of Bubnova and Smirnova streets.

Ivanovo (in 1871 - 1932 - Ivanovo-Voznesensk, the status of a city was granted in 1871) is a regional centre in Central Russia on the Uvod River. In 2021 Ivanovo will celebrate its official 150th birthday, although its history dates back to 1561, a year when the settlement of Ivanovo was first mentioned in the Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible. The city is traditionally regarded as a textile industry center. It is often called the Land of Printed Cotton, the textile capital of Russia, Russian (or Red) Manchester, and the City of Brides. Ivanovo and Ivanovo region can boast their developing machine building, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Иваново       Арт-сквер       Введенский монастырь       Панорама

Ivanovo is one of the cities in the "Golden Ring of Russia" thanks to its revolutionary background (as the home of the First Soviet of Workers' and Peasants' Delegates). Ivanovo has three theatres (drama, music and puppet show theatres)

Театр      Театр 1

and several museums (Local History Museum, Museum of Industry and Art, Ivanovo Printed Cotton Museum, Ivanovo Art Museum, Museum of the First  Soviet, Museum of the Soviet Car Industry).

Художественный музей       Краеведческий музей       Белый зал

The original and peculiar beauty of the towns and settlements in Ivanovo region, such as Shuya, Plyos, Palekh, and Yurievets, will get you fully immersed in the magic world of Russian art.

Плес       Осенний Плес       Шуя

Today Ivanovo is a large industrial and educational center.

Химтех       Мед       ИГЭУ

But education is not the only driving force of the region development. It is also driven by the growing scientific research. A special place in this process is taken by G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISC RAS) whose aim and primary activity are to do world-class theoretical and applied research in the field of solution theory, obtaining of new materials, and development of modern chemical technologies based on solutions. ISC RAS is at the forefront of this research field in the Russian Federation, and studies of the Institute leading researchers are known and recognized abroad. ISC RAS can be now called the center of scientific knowledge in the region as the Institute often acts as the initiator of innovations and is always actively involved in their realization.


Ivanovo is a modern and interesting city. And its residents are kind-hearted and welcoming people. This short presentation cannot describe even the main sights of our city. So not only those who will come here for the first time, but also those who have visited it before will find something interesting in Ivanovo, a city with a truly Russian name.

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